Cellulite is held by the body’s connective tissue. The connective can be released.

The name Rolfing® is registered by the Rolf Institute

Study Protocol

The pilot study is built upon the traditional 10 sessions. Participants will go through 10 one-hour sessions of Rolfing, performed over the course of 10 to 30 weeks. Each session will focus on all the goals of classic Rolfing, such as improved alignment and reduction of chronic stress. Additionally, the sessions will focus on what is also needed to get the greatest reduction in the cellulite and any other specific goals the client may have.

In exchange for the 30% reduction in fees (standard fee is $140/session), participants will sign a photo consent form saying that their photo can be used as needed. Identity can be concealed upon request.. Participants also need to agree to complete the 10 sessions, keep appointments, and practice some simple behaviors. These behaviors include learning to breath in a more full and relaxed fashion and learning to walk naturally. Learning both will enhance and prolong the changes of Rolfing