Cellulite is held by the body’s connective tissue. The connective can be released.

The name Rolfing® is registered by the Rolf Institute

Owen Marcus, M.A.

Marcus first stumbled on the effect that Rolfing has on cellulite while operating his clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. In the course of his 17 years there he developed a sub-practice treating women who wanted to change their appearance. It first started when women came to Marcus for Rolfing for the reasons most people seek out a Rolfer, which is to correct a chronic soft tissue problem that other therapies were not resolving. As these women´s problems disappeared often so would their hips.

These clients´ friends would come up to the women and ask, "Who is your trainer, who is your plastic surgeon?" I want his name...you look great!" With a big smile on their face, these clients would tell their friends about Rolfing. Over the course of several years, Marcus´ practice grew with women wanting to transform their bodies in a safe and healthy way.

Learn more about Owen at his site – align.org