Cellulite is held by the body’s connective tissue. The connective can be released.

The name Rolfing® is registered by the Rolf Institute

What is Rolfing®

Rolfing was developed by Ida Rolf, Ph.D., 60 years ago first to help her son who was told he needed to be in a body cast for five years. Dr. Rolf instead "Rolfed" him, Tim went on to be a surfing champion. Since then, more than a million people have been Rolfed. Today, Rolfers practice throughout the world, assisting clients in releasing chronic stress and aligning their bodies.

The slow, precise soft tissue manipulation of Rolfing releases the chronic stress/tension held in the fascia, the body´s connective tissue that holds us together. This same fascia, which Hans Styles, M.D., the father of stress research called the organ of stress, is the same tissue that binds fat cells. Each person tightens their fascial network differently from years of various form of stress.

Women are more likely to have the misfortune to create fascial adhesions (or scar tissue) that allow cellulite to develop. When this particular form of fascial adhesion is created in the hips and rear, women can accumulate fat. It is as if the fat gets trapped in these areas, unable to escape.

Rolfing increases blood circulation, which can help fat slowly dissolve. As many will tell you, the normal remedies of exercise and diet often do not work to reduce cellulite. You can run marathons and eat the purest diet and still have cellulite hips. Without proper circulation, fat will not dissolve.

Rolfing is not a panacea. Other actions are occasionally required to get the desired change. Yet, if fascial restriction is a component of the cellulite remaining, Rolfing may be what is needed to remove it.

To learn more about Rolfing´s ability to dissolve cellulite, watch this video of Marcus on Good Morning Spokane.

For more information on Rolfing, visit – align.org.