Cellulite is held by the body’s connective tissue. The connective can be released.

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The transforming of cellulite

Our need to look good is a reflection of our deeper need to be vibrant. Being healthy is being physiologically young and attractive.

Cellulite is a symptom that something is off, that your figure is not what you want, and that your health is not what it could be. Your desire to rid your hips of cellulite represents your instinctive desire for health and to look attractive.

Rolfing, when done properly, can dissolve the cellulite. The tension in the connective tissue binding the fat is released, allowing fat to disintegrate. Over a period of several months from a series of Rolfing sessions, womens´ cellulite has disappeared.

The science behind Rolfing cellulite

From plastic surgery to creams, diets and exercise, there is an array of treatments available to reduce cellulite. For some, these products and practices can work. For many, the cellulite remains.

Scientists are coming to the realization that the connective tissue (fascia) prevents the cellulite from leaving. There are creams and particular procedures that claim to break down the fascia holding the cellulite. Rolfing for over 60 years has worked with releasing the fascial system to release chronic stress and re-align the body.

While operating my clinic in Scottsdale, AZ, I refined my Rolfing to address the particular needs of women looking to reduce cellulite. Building on the general benefits of Rolfing, I was able to expedite the removal of cellulite. Combining the most recent research on fascia and cellulite with 30 years of working with clients, I developed a simple process to remove the cellulite. The body wants to be healthy and attractive; we just need to help it.

Pilot study on Rolfing cellulite

A few of my women clients encouraged me to do something with my "cellulite Rolfing." With their encouragement, I decided to produce this web site and a pilot study as a precursor to a larger study to demonstrate the efficacy of Rolfing for cellulite reduction.

Currently, I am looking for five women who have cellulite who would like to go through a series of Rolfing sessions. In exchange for being interviewed, photographed (your identity can be concealed) and agreeing to follow the protocol of the study, I am offering 30% off my normal rate.